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N°55 - May/Jun 2015  

On a visit...

Thirty years ago, Peter Anderson was a student at the Collège. Currently on sabbatical, he decided to make his parents and brother discover the Côte d’Azur and Provence, naturally with a visit to the Collège International. A professor of architecture in California, he travels a lot to Asia but has not lost his command of the French language at all. What made him choose the Collège 30 years ago? The photo of the palm trees. He was even happier to see that the palm trees were still there and those that we thought lost to Red Palm Weevil have been successfully treated. The years pass by but the campus’s charm is always there to see.

Christian counted back the years : it’s been 19 years since he was at the Collège International with the Autumn group of Saint John’s University of Minnesota. There he was in Cannes where he has just had a 10-day holiday with his wife. Nineteen years later, he still speaks our language well even though the university in which he teaches gives no opportunity to practice it given it’s a technology institute. When he was chatting with us, we remembered a funny little story: when he arrived at the Collège as a student, he had planned to join the monks of the Abbey of St. John. As the weeks passed, he abandoned this idea. On Halloween, following a bet that all the young Americans did for this party, he was the first to run through the café… totally naked!

After 30 years

Over the years, the friendships of the Collège live on. In 1985, Steven (USA) met Louise, Catherina and Henrik (Sweden). Their friendship became solid after several months at the Collège, so solid that it lasted despite time and distance. They had not seen each other for 30 years however they immediately recognised each other when Steven decided to visit them in Stockholm at the start of July. In this time, Henrik Schyffert became a megastar in Sweden, making a potential and dream a reality that grew on the stage of the Collège where Henrik took part in several productions, naturally with… Steven.


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