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Treasure Hunt
Music festival
Even in class there’s “Neighbours’ Day”
"Immersion France"
The blue door
Job done
So many activites !
New bedrooms
From foyer/bar to "p'tit café"
The mother and the daughter
What is this weather?
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N°55 - May/Jun 2015  

"Immersion France"

A seminar to promote the beauty and the learning of the French language.

"Promote the integration of the French language into our tourism and reinforce the role of language terms abroad in the strategy of our regions' beauty". Such is the objective of the seminar organised by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development for 9th June 2015; working with those responsible for mobility, tourism and the learning of the French language. The principal idea was to integrate the French language into an opportunity to travel. How can one promote the centres dedicated to teaching French as a foreign language? How can one ensure the obtaining of visas? How can one integrate all regions of France into this strategy of beauty? For the first time ever, these questions were debated at the highest level with the presence of all those responsible whom it concerned. More to follow.

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