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N°55 - May/Jun 2015  

The mother and the daughter


34 years ago, Andrea was at the Collège. This summer, she sent her daughter, Marilu, here for summer classes. The two of them wrote to us.

The mum:

"It’s now 34 years ago that I myself was at the Collège International during my time as a young au-pair. I was delighted to discover that certain ambiance, this area to meet people as I pleased, where you put your heart and soul into organising activities and at the same time the students can to it themselves! I was delighted to everything so well organised in a place where I felt so at ease! And that’s because of you all, because of your dedication, because of that special charm there, because of your good humour! I am truly happy to have gotten to know you all there, where I can always “come home”! I need to say a massive THANK YOU!

Her daughter :

"I want to thank you for my time at the Collège International. I was there two weeks and it passed way too quickly! I really want to stay there longer with all my new friends! I really did make use of my time at the college- with interesting classes in the morning and then some good times with my friends in the afternoon. The day on the catamaran and the trip to St. Tropez… I’ll never forget them!! Thanks so much for organising them all! My teacher, Pascale, is also very nice and I loved lessons with her- I learned a lot in a short space of time! Leaving was very sad and difficult for me! I cried and my friends and I promised ourselves we’d see each other again! I am sure that I will come back!!! Thanks so much for an amazing time! I am so happy to have met young people from all over the world! Marilu"

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