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The blue door
Job done
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New bedrooms
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The mother and the daughter
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N°55 - May/Jun 2015  

The blue door


It was the first office that was moved for the construction work (the space where it used to be has been taken up by the lift), and it was the last to be moved back. Done at nearly the end of July. "Nearly" given that numerous touches of paint and suitable décor, reflecting the great products of the region, still need to be done. But the essentials are there: the office has found its permanent home. New place, new name: "Bureau Animation" has been dropped for "Bureau Cultures/Loisirs". The door has changed colour too, as has the door to the P’tit Café. Both doors are blue, which helps with association. "Where do I have to sign up for an activity?"; "Where do I find out about going to Grasse?". The answer: the blue door. And you’ll find in the office, as always, the ever-smiling Tino.

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